Nadine Peneder

Nadine Peneder

MFC Application Engineer

The search for the perfect name – every parent has gone through it – has occupied our team the last few months.

At first it sounds quite simple: Organize a meeting, let creativity run wild and after a few hours of mind mapping you will be enlighted and have found the perfect name. What could possibly go wrong?

As soon as I started researching this topic, I found out quickly that there is much more to consider than I first thought. There is actually a whole science behind it that finds its origin in linguistics. Since this would go beyond the scope of the blog, I won’t go into further detail, but those interested will find a very good summary of this topic on Nick Kolenda’s blog.

In addition to videos and blogs, tips and tricks on how to make the name search easier are offered in a bunch of workshops on the internet. However, in summary, they all have a similar quintessence: A name should sound good, not be too long and not have an unwanted meaning. Australia’s Emu Airways, apparently named after a flightless bird or a Portuguese mineral water that could be translated as ‘Foot in Grave’ even though it is named after the city where it is bottled are some of the less juicy examples.

So it is not such a big surprise that some companies spend over 100 million dollars (!) for the naming of their enterprise.

Since it is totally within the realms of possibility that a team of scientists and engineers will end up with a name like C-3PO or R2-D2, we got support from marketing experts at Weidmann Electrical Technology AG. In a workshop, we combined, invented and modified all kinds of words until our heads were spinning.

In the end, as always a good portion of luck is needed. Otherwise you will have to wander around in the labyrinth of countless ideas for a few hours more.

In any case, we finally found what we were looking for! From today on our products can be found under the name:




There is more meaning in the small word than can be seen at first glance. Have fun discovering!