Weidmann’s Fiber Technology blog is your source of information about applications of microfibrillated cellulose, interesting novel developments, tips and tricks for handling  MFC but also to get to know Weidmann as a company, our team and how it is to work as the innovation motor in this vibrant industry.

Our team members will post at regular intervals about their experiences, learnings and discoveries in their field of applications and supply you with insights into the fibrillated cellulosic materials market and the life at Weidmann.

Blogs will be posted either in German or English language.

Recent Posts

Sustainability is just a fad… value is what counts

Is microfibrillated cellulose sustainable – yes, of course it is. Should the industry adopt the material just because of that? I wholeheartedly say No. Value is what counts Sustainability is a theme in today’s industry. Having recently walked the aisles of many an...

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What is microfibrillated cellulose (MFC)?

To understand what MFC actually is, it makes sense to zoom out a bit and start with the big picture. As commonly known, wood is build up by a cellulose matrix. The fibers that form such a matrix are fibril bundles which in turn consist of small elements, called...

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Was ist mikrofibrillierte Cellulose (MFC)?

Zwei weitere Wochen sind nun schon vergangen und ich kann nicht behaupten, dass mir langweilig geworden ist. In der Zwischenzeit habe ich nicht nur mein erstes Kundengespräch bewältigt, sondern mir auch ein Fachwissen über mikrofibrillierte Cellulose (MFC) angeeignet....

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Mein Start bei Weidmann – Die ersten zwei Wochen

Ich bin Nadine Peneder und habe im November bei Weidmann als Fiber Application Engineer angefangen zu arbeiten, um das Team von Stefan Truniger bei Weidmann Fiber Technology mit meinen Kenntnissen aus der Materialwissenschaft zu verstärken. Während meines ersten...

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