WMFC Q_eco

WEIDMANN microfibrillated cellulose Q_ecoINTRODUCTION

The combination of high quality, locally sourced pulp and our unique, gentle defibrillation process produces a microfibrillated cellulose with a wide distribution of particle sizes. WMFC Q_eco is suited for applications that require microfibrillated cellulose but tolerate larger particle sizes with an excellent value proposition.
Typical applications are filters, structural elements in paints and as strengthener in paper and board.


The raw material for WMFC Q_eco is bleached softwood pulp made of locally sourced, sustainably grown wood from EMAS and ISO 9001 certified suppliers. All pulps used are either ECF (elementary chlorine free) or TCF (total chlorine free) bleached.


Manufactured using our unique, gentle defibrillation process, WMFC Q_eco provides a significant surface area and good rheological properties while showing a low water retention value, low ash content, neutral pH range and a wide particle size distribution. WMFC Q_eco combines the advantages of microfibrillated cellulose with economic processibility. For many applications, the viscosity at a certain shear rate is important to determine the rheological behavior of the product during manufacturing processes and application. In contrast to our WFC (Weidmann Fibrillated Cellulose) products, the dynamic viscosity of WMFC Q_eco can be measured. WMFC Q_eco shows good viscosity performance in combination with low torque forces.

Please refer to our product data sheet available in the download section of this page for more details.




Product and Safety Data Sheets
Product Pictures

Weidmann Microfibrillated Cellulose Q_ecoWEIDMANN WMFC Q_eco,
concentrated to approx. 10% solids content




SEM image of WEIDMANN microfibrillated cellulose WMFC Q_ecoScanning Electrone Microscope image of WEIDMANN microfibrillated cellulose WMFC Q_eco


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