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WEIDMANN microfibrillated cellulose Q_ecoINTRODUCTION

Earth’s most abundant renewable resource is cellulose, an organic polymer. Cellulose is the main building material in all plants. WMFC Q_standard provides this biological building material for a wide rage of sophisticated applications. From reinforcing concrete to enhancing the mechanical properties of non-wovens, paper or board, from carrying active components in cosmetic applications to providing building blocks in bio-composites, WMFC Q_standard provides unlimited opportunities to use a natural resource in your products. WMFC Q_standard are cellulose fibrils that are produced focusing on the complete life cycle to maintain its biological foot print, from the source of the pulp, production, logistics to waste management.


The raw material for WMFC Q_standard is locally sourced, sustainably grown, bleached softwood pulp from EMAS and ISO 9001 certified suppliers. All pulps used are either ECF (elementary chlorine free) or TCF (total chlorine free) bleached. A blend of pulps sourced from different suppliers guarantees a long-term stability of quality.


The combination of the chemical composition of the pulp and our unique process of defibrillation creates a product that meets the demands of a high quality bio-based material. WMFC Q_standard shows excellent cleanliness combined with a neutral pH and a low conductivity of aqueous extract. A narrowly defined particle size distribution around 100 micrometers guarantees a very high surface area and accessibility of the cellulose hydroxyl and carboxyl groups for further modification. WMFC Q_standard offers an economic balance between a high water retention value and dry-out behaviour. Please refer to our product data sheet available in the download section of this page for more details.

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Product and Safety Data Sheets
Product Pictures
WMFC Q_standard 2516x2516WEIDMANN WMFC Q_standard, concentrated to approx. 10% solids content      
SEM image of WEIDMANN microfibrillated cellulose Q_standardScanning Electrone Microscope image of WEIDMANN microfibrillated cellulose WMFC Q_standard    

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