WMFC Q_advanced



The microscale fibrils contained in one drop of WMFC Q_advanced provide a surface area equivalent to one tennis court. Combined with the strength of our all-natural, sustainably grown cellulosic fibers, WMFC Q_advanced is the ideal solution for applications in structural re-inforcement, rheological and functional modifications. Our gentle defibrillation process, using only the highest quality of sustainably grown plants, is able to extract the elementary fibril of the original fiber matrix. WMFC Q_advanced is the ideal base material for surface protection, gas barriers, rheological modifiers in cosmetics, high capacity absorbents, membranes and various applications in health care.


The carefully selected raw material for WMFC Q_advanced is locally sourced, sustainably grown, bleached softwood pulp from EMAS and ISO 9001 certified suppliers. All pulps used are either ECF (elementary chlorine free) or TCF (total chlorine free) bleached. A blend of pulps sourced from different suppliers guarantees a long-term stability of quality and a secured supply chain.


WMFC Q_advanced is characterized by very high water retention properties, low non-organic contamination and a narrow particle size distribution in combination with fibrils showing both a high aspect ratio and high viscosity. The high water retention value of 15 grams of water per gram is one of the indicators of the very high surface area of WMFC Q_advanced. Our product stands out due to its very narrow particle size distribution focused around 100 µm, hereby giving you direct access to the cellulose hydroxyl and carboxyl groups for further modification. Our unique, chemical-free manufacturing process guarantees a high purity with very low non-organic contamination. Viscosity at different shear rates is constantly monitored during the production process ensuring our high standard of rheological properties.

Please refer to our product data sheet available in the download section of this page for more details.




Product and Safety Data Sheets
Product Pictures

WEIDMANN microfibrillated cellulose Q_advancedWEIDMANN WMFC Q_advanced





SEM image of WEIDMANN microfibrillated cellulose Q_advancedScanning Electrone Microscope image of WEIDMANN microfibrillated cellulose WMFC Q_advanced





WEIDMANN Microfibrillated Cellulose Q_advanced building a network

SEM image showing the building of a fiber network with WEIDMANN microfibrillated cellulose Q_advanced. Picture taken at EMPA.



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