Anssi Muurimäki

Anssi Muurimäki

R&D Engineer, Paper and Board

It seems that a proper network of contacts is vital for success in working life. A strong and expansive network not only helps you while searching for a job but is also beneficial if you want to find someone for a vacancy.

Creation of networks starts already during studies. You make friends with your classmates and socialize with colleagues of other classes. These people you spend drinking beer with may some day be critical for your career. Schools help to unite with the same generation but it can also make connections between professionals of a different era.

Factory excursions and company visits create bonds that may become useful after years have gone by. Working life seminars, conferences and trade exhibitions are good occasions to meet new professionals from your specific industry. There are also chances to greet people you already know in advance. Never ending expansion of professional networks might create more interesting opportunities in the future. You might find yourself in a position you were not even aware of before.

Keeping your network together has become easy through professional social media such as LinkedIn or Xing. There is no longer a need to have a pile of business cards on your desk. You can just add people you have met as a connection and have their contact details stored without fear of losing that small piece of cardboard.

With widely spread tentacles, you might hear about open positions even before they are officially posted. Your network might also give a hint on an open position which is not broadly outspread through job searching sites in the internet. Some positions are also filled after finding the first suitable applicant. Thus, being first in a line is crucial. Beyond finding your dream vacancy, it truly does not hurt to have a reference that especially suits the position.

Once in a while you find an interesting company online. It may provide something you need or that you are interested in. Contact details published on a websites are usually limited or they only have a contact form which is a faceless approach towards the enterprise. Knowing someone in the company, tends to make the service to become faster and better. Even though the person you know may not be the right person to answer your questions, they are most likely to point out the right contact for you. Having direct and correct contact gives you a way to correspond with a person on a fast track instead of with an online form.

Taking care of your network is also important. Meet and greet your contacts every now and then, have a cup of coffee and offer your help. Putting up a little effort can go a long way.