Anssi Muurimäki

Anssi Muurimäki

R&D Engineer, Paper and Board

Every person has same amount of time available, 24 hours per day and seven days per week. As people tend to get busier with their work, managing time becomes essential. There are several methods found from the internet to manage your calendar. Different top 10 lists found generally contain the same tips.

As being a fresh face at Weidmann and yet not involved in that many functions, my timetable is still relatively empty. However, a certain trend is already visible. The further in time I look forward, the more free time is available in the calendar. The day I live in is different. It contains more meetings and appointments than days in the future. Of course, it is natural that the meetings are not planned months ahead. Meetings are held when necessary and the demand for meetings usually comes with a short notice.

When your calendar starts to fill with meetings and other events, you might notice that there is no longer time to do your own work. In these situations reserving your own working time in the calendar might become handy. Blocking a session in your own calendar not only prevents invitations to meetings during that period but also changes your instant messaging status to appear as unavailable (in some applications). This function enables you to do your own tasks for the selected period.

Of course, blocking your calendar and appearing unavailable in instant messaging application does not prevent being disturbed by telephone. Applying flight mode while working might sound useful, but on the other hand being reachable by others for urgent matters is more important than your private convenience.

While writing this I received three meeting invitations. I accepted each one of them, meaning that soon I am in a position where I’ll start blocking my calendar for my own working time. Or maybe I start to implement time management tips into my working schedule.